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Non Resident taxes in Spain.

If you own a property in Spain you must declare it in Spain whether you are tax registered in your home country or in Spain.

You also usually pay IBI and Basura that the Municipally automatically deducts from your Spanish account.

First of all you have to pay a non-resident tax once a year based on a value called Castral.

Secondly if you rent out the property you shall declare your taxes quarterly.

Our Tax Declaration Service

Step 1 - You fill in the General information

Step 2 - You choose what kind of declaration to be made (non-resident or quarterly rental)

Step 3 - You fill in the information we need to make the declaration

Step 4 - We calculate your tax, make sure that the information is correct and send your tax declaration to the Spanish tax authority

Step 5 - You pay the tax and our fee