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Client Agreement

Terms of use.

The service refers to a digital declaration service where the client states his information on our website and we use this information to make his Spanish Non-resident declaration - Modelo 210.

The service is performed according to given authorization

These Terms of Use govern the agreement between you as a client and us as the supplier of the service.

The service refers to a declaration service to simplify the declaration of income in Spain for persons who do not have their tax residence in Spain.

The service is for preliminary declaration of income in Spain

The client is responsible for paying the tax through i e direct debit deduction, bank transfer or client funds account.

General information given to us

You own a home in Spain but have your tax residence in another country (not in Spain) and staying more than 186 days outside Spain.

You want to declare for rental income or for non-residence tax  via Modelo 210.

You have rented out your home for short periods (Tourist apartment) or longterm to one and the same tenant.

Your home has a Tourist licence if rented out short term

You also have to declare non-residence tax once a year for the days you did not rent.

You have no other income in Spain

Payment of the tax

You have several ways to pay your tax

- You can pay your tax by setting up a direct debit

-  You can pay into our client funds account

-  You can make a banktransfer to the tax authority

The client is responsible for the tax payment

Income and costs in rental activities

Each quarter you register income and costs on our website

Yearly costs should be divided in 4 ( one part for each quarter ) i e insurance, comunidad fee.

Clients are liable for any penalties if you claim deductions that you are not entitled to or fail to report the rented periods correctly, leading to wrong tax payment.

Only receipts or invoices with the IVA and name of the supplier

We can help you with any earlier missed

The service refers to a tax return service for Spanish taxes, the client is obliged to handle his own tax obligations against other countries and tax authorities.

The customer is responsible for submitting the information needed to execute the declaration, either through email or the web site

The client is liable for any fees or fines if the customer does not pay the tax. Client is responsible for the information you provide us with is correct

Client is responsible sending us information no later than 5 days after the quarterly change when renting out and no later than November of the year following the tax year for the non-residence tax.

By clicking in the box,  you have agreed to this agreement.